Dolphins Make Jets’ Problems Go Away for a Day

Welcome to what can officially be described as the N.F.L.’s season of dysfunction, the final requirement for that distinction being reached sometime in the Jets’ 24-6 victory over Miami on Monday night. One team looked barely motivated to get off its own bench, managed 5 whole passing yards in the first quarter, and expended far less energy on offense than its players did squawking at one another all week. And that was the team that won.

In another era, the Monday night game was football’s grand stage. In this era, it highlighted Miami’s perfect backward two-and-a-half with a half-twist in the pike position to hit 0-5 with only a tiny splash. It did give the Jets the platform to claim that all of their problems are solved and that they are once again a threat to go to the Super Bowl, but , no one was buying it. If it weren’t for Darrelle Revis and his scintillating 100-yard interception return, the entire crowd might have left after the first quarter, . The whole secret to victory for the kings of dysfunction was playing a team that isn’t functioning at all. insists that the Dolphins admit the season is over and just start decorating Andrew Luck’s locker right now.

Of course, both of these teams fit perfectly into the trend of the season. There is one undefeated team — the defending champion Packers — receiving remarkably little attention because winning is just so, well, sensible. The weekend was nearly hijacked by two coaches waging a testosterone battle. The fact that neither the Lions’ Jim Schwartz nor the 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh were fined for that bit of ridiculousness signals to that the league holds its coaches to different standards than its players. calls Schwartz and Harbaugh the T.O. and Ochocinco of the coaching set who haven’t figured out the game isn’t all about them. wishes Harbaugh would grow up a bit, because his team sure has.

Meanwhile, the Raiders are scrounging around in the bargain bin looking for a quarterback — David Garrard having to politely tell them , making him less than helpful — and the Broncos got busy to the Rams in preparation for their race-to-the-bottom game against the Dolphins.

All of this might persuade people to tune in to the World Series, which many people need to be reminded starts Wednesday between St. Louis and Texas. gives you five questions about the matchup to catch you up, and picks the Rangers in seven. That is a popular pick because, as , the Rangers were favorites to win last year’s World Series and are actually a better team now. Much of that has to do with the , who was still laboring in the minors when he was 27, and despite on a groin injury.

The Cardinals, however, have beaten just about every other set of odds so far and rely on a closer who can’t actually see the plate, . Their pitching coach, Dave Duncan, is also privately dealing with his wife’s battle with a brain tumor, .

There is too much real-life woe in auto racing after the death of the IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon on Sunday. The race in Las Vegas turned out to be a , which led to the horrific crash, partly because the sport is starving for attention and even the drivers were warning about the on an oval track with inexperienced drivers, which was inexcusably augmenting the usual dangers of auto racing. Meanwhile, just wrestles with the intractable question of why.

The questions in the rest of the sports world aren’t quite so difficult, fortunately. There’s the crazy world of creating , stretching from Hawaii to North Carolina. And yes, for the ultimate in things that don’t make sense, we still have the N.F.L.

The “Monday Night Football” theme should just be a jingle for Alka-Seltzer.

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