Miami Dolphins – The Team

The Miami Dolphins are the oldest continuously operating professional sports team in the state of Florida. Beginning play professionally in 1966, the team was originally part of the AFC, joining the NFL in the merger like so many others. They have made 22 playoff appearances, winning thirteen Division Championships, five Conference Championships, and two Super Bowls and were the first team ever to finish with a perfect season, winning every single game they played in the 1972 season. They were also the first team to appear in three consecutive Super Bowls.

The Miami Dolphins have had the pleasure of counting in their numbers some of the most successful and influential people in the game of football. Don Shula, the Dolphin’s head coach from 1970 to 1995 is considered the most successful coach in football in terms of wins. Dan Marino was the team’s quarterback for 16 years before retiring. He is one of the most productive passers in the history of the league, breaking passing records and leading the team to numerous playoff games as well as the Super Bowl.

The home of the Miami Dolphins is known as Sun Life Stadium, although it has had many other names in the past. The original name was Joe Robbie Stadium, after the founder of the team. Since then there have been several changes, some lasting less than a year before being changed again.

Opening in 1987, the stadium cost 115 million dollars to build and seats just over 75,000 for football games. Originally designed with the future in mind, the stadium is easily converted into a baseball field, giving the Marlins a home until they can move into their own newly built stadium.

From 1966 to 1968, the mascot of the Miami Dolphins was a live dolphin named Flipper who would jump in his tank after Dolphin touchdowns. However, the cost of keeping the animal was too much and he was released after 1968. The popular movie, Ace Ventura featured a dolphin modeled after Flipper who was kidnapped in a plot against Dan Marino. The first official mascot of the team was not introduced until 1997, when a seven foot mascot made his first appearance. Named in a contest, T. D. has made appearances the world over, even being invited to Hong Kong to be a part of the Chinese New Year’s parade.

The Miami Dolphins are a team to be proud of. A winning history and love of the game makes them easy for fans to follow. The games are entertaining, and the fame of current and former members is amazing. The games are a great place for families to get together, with something to entertain fans of all ages.

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