Dolphins won’t play some veterans

Williams, Wake and Suh not expected to play

The entire Miami Dolphins team traveled to New York City but don’t expect to see many established veterans taking the field tonight.

The team will unveil their new offense under new Head Coach Adam Gase whom QB Ryan Tannehill seems to like the best so far.

“I think Adam [has] completely enabled me,” Tannehill said. “I think Idolphins 2 have the credibility now to pretty much demand excellence out of these guys. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

The Dolphins will face the Dallas Cowboys in AT&T Stadium next week before returning home to face the Atlanta Falcons on the 25th of August.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so be sure to grab yours today and help cheer on your Miami Dolphins!

Reactions to Andrew Luck’s Decision to Stay at Stanford

Take them all in if you’d like, keeping in mind that neither side actually cares about Luck’s quality of life. the haranguing set by wondering “who attached the junior college electrodes” to his head. And the “hooray for college football” team. In Charlotte, the No. 1 pick Panthers are reeling about the news, although as , the player’s father, Oliver, said it was not about being drafted by Carolina.

But the most thoughtful look at Luck’s decision came from , who said Luck’s decision is much like that of his coach, Jim Harbaugh. Money isn’t the issue with either of them. It’s about what they want to do with their lives. Neither is facing a make-or-break decision on the N.F.L. You think architectural designers or Stanford football coaches make minimum wage? What if Luck is injured and never has the joy of having his skull driven into an N.F.L. field by Ndamukong Suh? He collects a big insurance payout, designs buildings, probably has a lovely life and a gaggle of perfect children, and we’d still all want to be him.

Of course, Luck’s decision also quickly , who has and turned away his alma mater, Michigan, but still has the 49ers and the Broncos breathing heavily in his direction. that it’s the 49ers who have lodged themselves in a tough spot, having staked so much on wooing Harbaugh. Meanwhile, what exactly Harbaugh has done to deserve his own brand of mania.

The Dolphins are now apparently keeping Tony Sparano, despite of having pursued not only Harbaugh but also Bill Cowher. With a bit more enthusiasm, Dallas clipped the interim tag off Jason Garrett and, more surprisingly, .

The actual good teams in the N.F.L. (and also Seattle) now head into the first weekend of the playoffs with plenty of people predicting mayhem for the home teams, . the recent trend of wild-card road victories stems from so many of those wild-card teams being led by dynamic quarterbacks.

From the rest of the overshadowed sports world, we bring you a few highlights. It was a banner night in the N.H.L. for shootouts, with bringing us a classic shootout move and a goalie turned rapper and Toronto’s Mikhail Grabovski pulling off .

The Rutgers football player about his progress since a hit paralyzed him this season.

And in some totally unsurprising news, the figure skater . And the FIFA boss Sepp Blatter opened his mouth again Thursday and : this time he heaps criticism on the International Olympic Committee for its lack of transparency and ethics. This coming from the king of opaqueness.

If you are following the story of Ted Williams, the homeless-man-turned-media star, you can hear his magic voice in a commercial this weekend. While in New York on Thursday, , which will appear during the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on ESPN on Sunday.

And no one will fault him for taking the money.

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