World Series: Who Benefits From Extra Day Off

While the baseball world spends the day contemplating which team benefits from a washed out night in the World Series, there are many pluses in a day’s delay before Game 6. You can almost picture the Cardinals scrambling to install a new wireless bullpen phone system, with Tony La Russa wandering around Busch Stadium saying, “Can you hear me now?” The Rally Squirrel has another day to improve his first-to-third time. The Rangers can spend time being even pickier on what kind of Champagne they will stash in their clubhouse for a potential celebration. Is it better to spray oneself with ultra brut or demi-sec? Or perhaps a nice prosecco?

It seemed most of St. Louis was thrilled with Wednesday’s rain, perhaps banking on that new phone system saving the Cardinals’ bacon, or just thinking the rain would wash away what happened in Game 5. But, as , it was a strange wish because none of that is going to happen. As , it only gives the Cardinals another day to live with their last gruesome performance. Sure, the conventional wisdom is all about how the delay means Chris Carpenter can start for the Cardinals in Game 7, , so that means the Cardinals are the big winners, , but that seems to be assuming there will be a Game 7.

Granted, that is not an outlandish assumption, considering how crazily up-and-down this series has been. recaps the five questions still open going into Game 6, in case you’ve forgotten what to ask, while explains why General Manager Jon Daniels is the Rangers’ biggest star. The only constant in this series has been the disappointing ratings, which we should ignore while chastising the large hunk of America that is missing a great series.

Hey, at least it’s not the N.B.A., which nobody is watching because it is ridiculous enough to stage a lockout in which there will be no winners. about why the owners should be getting more heat for this, but aren’t. If you were hoping to watch that great world tour featuring all of the N.B.A.’s best players, well, it turns out all of those great players,, were not actually committed to this and at best it might end up being one game in Puerto Rico.

The N.F.L. was ridiculous to have a lockout too, but because it didn’t interrupt the season, everyone has forgotten about it and has moved on to wondering which of the handful of horrendously bad teams will grab the No. 1 pick. Miami seems to be most enthusiastic about this race, with dead coach walking Tony Sparano and everyone discussing his potential replacements so openly it has become a sort of carnival, . But that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck might not be content to sit back and let his future fall to the hapless Dolphins and might look to Eli Manning’s draft orchestrations for guidance.

If you took your eyes off the bottom of the standings Wednesday, there is a chance it was to read about Patriots tight end those pictures on Twitter with an adult film star. And by adult film, we don’t mean “Mozart’s Sister.”

College sports’ current shenanigans are of an entirely different variety. Conference realignment has reached such an absurd stage that United States senators are involved, , and that’s rarely a good thing for restoring sanity. Meanwhile, the former North Carolina assistant football coach John Blake about his side of the case that the N.C.A.A. has brought against him and, as , a lawsuit by the former Kansas State basketball player Michael Beasley has brought against his former agent gives a peek inside the sordid world that the N.C.A.A. is so futilely patrolling.

At least the N.C.A.A. isn’t involved in the World Series. The day off might have been ruled an extra benefit to the Cardinals. No doubt, it would have resulted in the Rally Squirrel being suspended.

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